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When it comes to noodles, this stringy-carb is a delicacy to not only the Chinese culture but for all Asian cultures alike.

In the art of making these noodles, there are different forms they can be made into – flat, cylindrical, thick or thin. Made from unleavened dough, noodles are stretched, extruded, rolled and then cut to make the shape.

With hand-drawn noodles, the technique is similar to the tossing of pizza dough. With pizza, the dough is spun in the air to widen its size but with hand-drawn noodles, the chef quickly undulates the dough to elongate its length.

Then there’s ramen, an egg noodle that gives its wavy shape and is more likely to be served in a broth than dry. Aside from China’s hand-drawn noodles and Japanese’s ramen, there’s the Vietnamese version – Pho – made from rice noodles.

On 1000 Arch St., right in front of Chinatown’s arch, sits Pho Cali. A Vietnamese restaurant that serves pho and egg noodle soup, is a different noodle shop than the rest. Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup that is made similar to any Chinese or Japanese noodle soup. Instead of using egg noodles, pho is made of linguine-shaped rice noodles.

Though, along with serving pho, Pho Cali also serves egg noodles for those who are not in the mood for pho. For drinks, aside from the regular soda and water, they offer Taiwanese bubble tea made with tapioca pearls. With a dimly-lit interior, this restaurant feels like the Asian version of an American diner thanks to the friendly service and cheapness in cost.